The club are delighted to launch our new Community Friendly Lotto

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We hope you and your families remain safe and well during these times and we want to thank you for your generous support for the old Éire Óg lotto over the years. Before COVID-19 the jackpot for our lotto was at €2,100 and in order to close down the old model we are donating €1,000 between two very well deserving community charities. We will be announcing our designated Community Charities on next weeks show.

The new Friendly Lotto will operate as follows:

1. Starting jackpot €2,100 and will increase each week it is not won by €100

2. Four numbers will now be drawn each week from numbers 1-32.

3. Draw takes place every Monday night.

4. The week that the Jackpot is not won, €200 is placed into a separate draw fund.

5. Any week the jackpot is won, €200 is not added to the separate draw fund.

6. Ten tickets will be drawn weekly for 10 weeks to enter this separate draw. The prize fund at the end of this 10 weeks will be €2,000

7. A prize fund of €1,500 will be distributed as follows: €500 for 3 lucky winners with the additional €500 to one of our designated local charities.

8. A player may be drawn more than once in a 10 week period to qualify for the €500 draws.

9. The cost of each lotto ticket remains at €2 for one ticket and €5 for three tickets.

Entry options:

o 52 weeks (50 + 2 free)

o 25 weeks

o 10 weeks

o 3 lines in a week for €5

o Minimum play is for €10 – Play for as little as €2 per week (One line for 5 weeks)

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